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PNR Status

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record and is the unique 10 digit reference number which is issued and stored in Indian Railways database when you book a ticket from Indian Railways Reservation counter or IRCTC's Website. The PNR when issued hold all the information about the journey like Passenger or group of passenger name's limited to 6 and 4 in case of Tatkal Quota booking, status of the berth/seat alloted to each passenger, age, gender, boarding station, destination station, date of journey, quota and fare amount.

As mentioned above the PNR contains the status of the seat/berth alloted to each passenger traveling on a single PNR, sometimes when we book a ticket RAC (Reservation Against cancellation) or W/L (Waiting List) is issued instead of a confirmed ticket, in that case we need to check the current status of the PNR to find out if our ticket is confirmed or not.

Seat Availability

To travel in Indian Railways, one has to check Seat Availability before booking ticket. This is a very tedious process. On Railway Station Counter it is practically impossible to get info on more than 2-3 trains. Even online one has to check multiple trains to come to a conclusion. We tried to solve this problem. On this website we provide Seat Availablity on a particular route for All Trains for a period of 15 days in one go. Now you can easily find the Seat Availablity Indian Railways on a suitable train easily without wasting too much time.

Train Schedule

Indian Railway timetable is a list of the times different trains are scheduled to arrive and depart from a specified station. With the introduction of the online train timetable, the process of getting information and booking train tickets has become easier.

The site that is generally used to book a ticket on the Indian railways is the IRCTC which stands for the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. For those who travel on the Indian Railways, there are a few things that they must have in check in order to get their tickets booked in a faster way as well as confirming them.

Live Station

Live train running status for Indian railway trains means the exact location of any train and its real time delay status. It may also include the estimated arrival of the train at any particular station en-route.

The two key things which are important to be noted while checking Live Train Status are "Last Reported Location" and "Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) at upcoming stoppages"

The "Last Reported Station" signifies the station based on which the current live train running status is determined. The "Last Reported Station" also conveys that the train has either arrived or departed or crossed that particular station.

Station Search

Indian Railways boasts of an impressive network of railway lines, which connect the farthest parts of the country together. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the Indian Railway station list is not only long, but also rather overwhelming.

Irrespective of whether you are a seasoned traveller or a newbie, you are likely to be confused when it comes to deciding which railway station would be perfect to embark and disembark from a train during your journey. Though the Indian railway's enquiry is always there to help, it can sometimes put you in a fix if you are not well versed with station codes etc.

Train Status

Do you know how to access and check out the live train movement, know about its whereabouts and running status?

It is pretty simple to do. The interface of Spot your train application is smart, dynamic and user friendly and lets people to be aware of the real time running schedule and status of any train, along with fetching updates related to its exact arrival time, actual arrival time, exact departure time, actual departure time, stoppages where the train stopped last and which one is coming next on the way, route that it is following, time delay if there is any while reaching out the stations, etc. Have you ever checked and accessed Spot your train application? Do you want to use it? The application is time saving and efficient and allows people to know everything about the updated and latest train running status.

Fare Enquiry

Fare Enquiry plays a major role in the travelling schedule of a passenger. As Indian Railway facilities are availed by a hefty population throughout India so the government has assigned railway fares matching the various criteria of the people. Few benefits related to fare enquiry are:

People are given the opportunity to choose fares matching their comfort and ability. Indian population who avails railway facility varies from rich to poor. Therefore, the government has designed the fares keeping in mind the social status of the crowd. People are free to choose the class in a train to make fare enquiry associated with it.

Fare Enquiry facility has a huge impact on the travel budget of a traveller.

Seat Map

This website is used to get Indian Railway Seat Map. You have reached this page as you may searched Indian Railway Seat Map. This website will show Train Seat Map Structure which will be helpful to find the seats map before boarding train. This page will help you to indian railway seat map.

INDIAN RAILWAY SEAT MAP or To check your Seat Map Location, you can select your Coach Type in the abouve list to view the seat map. We will show Train Seat Map.

With this website, you can INDIAN RAILWAY SEAT MAP. It will help you to get the location of your train seat in the train compartment.